How Many Exposures Does it Take To Enroll a Light Bulb

by Stacy Moscotti on November 12, 2013

How Many Exposures Does it Take To Enroll A Light Bulb?    No, we’re not enrolling light bulbs, but the question reminded me of that old saying, “How many X’s does it take to screw in a light bulb?” It’s one of the eternal questions in sales and network marketing: “How many times should I present […]


The Kickstart for Q3

by Stacy Moscotti on July 16, 2013

The KickStart for Q3  I received this in an email today and it’s too good not to share with you. Don’t just read these words. FEEL them. Internalize them. Believe them:  “Uncertainty is the only certainty. As an entrepreneur… you have to TRAIN yourself day in & day out to be able to LIVE in […]


How NOT To Leave a Voicemail     We’ve all been there. You reached a prospect live, get them on the phone, ask a couple questions, and they say this is not a good time, can you  call them back? You schedule a follow-up time – and then when you call, they aren’t there. You […]


Avoiding The Internet Time Suck – Email Edition

by Stacy Moscotti on April 25, 2013

Avoiding The Internet Time Suck – Email Edition The Internet Time Suck is one of the greatest deterrents from your success. I know this because I am recovering from having experienced ITS myself. The times when I’d click on a link on youtube to watch one video and then I’d click on another interesting video […]


Two Minutes of Jolt and Focus

by Stacy Moscotti on February 27, 2013

Two Minutes of Jolt and Focus   Danielle LaPorte’s A Credo for Making it Happen. Watch this now. Watch it every morning, as a matter of fact.     You got this. Go Get ‘Em. Stacy Moscotti Email: Work With Me. I’m accepting new coaching clients who want to rock 2013.    Image(s): PS: If […]


Audio: Facebook Recruiting Part 2: What Do I Do Now That They’ve PM’d Me aka How Do I Not Screw This Up!?!

February 26, 2013

Audio: Facebook Recruiting Part 2 Part One of my phone call series about Facebook Recruiting was such a success, I’m pleased to post Part Two. Part Two Part One   Next Tuesday, I’m sharing Part Three of this topic, where I answer YOUR Questions. If you want to ask a question, post it to my Facebook […]

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4 Lessons From My Move

February 25, 2013

4 Lessons From My Move   If you’ve been following me at all during the last couple of weeks, you know I’ve recently moved from a 5 bedroom house to a two bedroom apartment (closing is tomorrow!) It has been exhausting, exhilarating and awesome all at the same time. One of the biggest challenges has […]

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What I’m Learning from the Oscars

February 24, 2013

What I’m Learning from the Oscars I’m writing you as I’m also liveblogging the Oscars on my facebook  profile. Too much fun! I’ll keep this short and sweet. Watching all these people have their dreams come true reminds me of the old adage “You only see the glory. You don’t see the story.” You only […]

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Q&A – What are your biggest challenges with Facebook Recruiting?

February 23, 2013

Your biggest challenges with Facebook Recruiting Greetings and hello! I am really looking forward to Tuesday nights call – the part two follow-up to my call this past week about Facebook Recruiting. Since that call, which over 150 have listened to in just 48 hours, I have gotten a TON of questions from people who […]

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Audio: 7 Basics to Facebook Recruiting

February 21, 2013

Audio: 7 Basics to Facebook Recruiting Many times people ask me how I was able to enroll 71 people on Facebook my first year in my company, with no paid advertising, no cold calling, all on my personal profile. I was so tired of seeing people making mistake after mistake with their Facebook Marketing that […]

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