Every day this week, I’m going to go into detail regarding one of my six goals for 2016. Goal #1 Even though my goals are in no particular order, this one of course had to be first. This goal it the universal key – achieving this one not only unlocks all the other goals, […]


The Six Goals of 2016

by Stacy Moscotti on April 5, 2016

This is it. This is the game I’m playing. These are the six goals I’m committed to completing in 2016. When I complete all six, I win the game. Yes, I’m putting them out for everyone to see. This is not for me to be held accountable by anyone. Nor am I motivated wanting to […]


Be Careful What You Ask For

by Stacy Moscotti on March 28, 2016

  I have been having trouble sleeping lately. My mind is racing with so many thoughts that it’s hard to “turn it off” as it were. I’m not in a groove yet. And I’ve removed all of my coping mechanisms. I am wildly uncomfortable. And I asked for this. Completely and totally. I was texting […]


Expanding My Sandbox

by Stacy Moscotti on March 24, 2016

  Just a quick programming note: Without intention, I had a post go viral last week and I maxed out my friends list on FB. So I want to share where you can play with me in the Sandbox called Life, Social Media, and the internet. My Website – in the process of transformation, much […]


How do you eat a $30,342.19 Elephant?

by Stacy Moscotti on March 24, 2016

[I posted this to my facebook wall this morning and felt inspired to share it here. If you’ve been following me at all over there on the Book of Face that this week, I boldly ripped off my inauthentic mask of financial aptitude and publicly shared my process of annihilating my credit card debt, of […]


It’s been a long time…

March 3, 2016

Why hello there, my old friend. Let me see if I can blow off some of the dust and see if this thing still works. According to my calculations, it’s been 842 days since my last blog post. That might as well have been in the Jurassic Period in Internet time. I thought about posting […]

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How Many Exposures Does it Take To Enroll a Light Bulb

November 12, 2013

How Many Exposures Does it Take To Enroll A Light Bulb?    No, we’re not enrolling light bulbs, but the question reminded me of that old saying, “How many X’s does it take to screw in a light bulb?” It’s one of the eternal questions in sales and network marketing: “How many times should I present […]

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The Kickstart for Q3

July 16, 2013

The KickStart for Q3  I received this in an email today and it’s too good not to share with you. Don’t just read these words. FEEL them. Internalize them. Believe them:  “Uncertainty is the only certainty. As an entrepreneur… you have to TRAIN yourself day in & day out to be able to LIVE in […]

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Video: A Real Life, Real Bad Example of A Prospecting Voicemail

April 27, 2013

How NOT To Leave a Voicemail     We’ve all been there. You reached a prospect live, get them on the phone, ask a couple questions, and they say this is not a good time, can you  call them back? You schedule a follow-up time – and then when you call, they aren’t there. You […]

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Avoiding The Internet Time Suck – Email Edition

April 25, 2013

Avoiding The Internet Time Suck – Email Edition The Internet Time Suck is one of the greatest deterrents from your success. I know this because I am recovering from having experienced ITS myself. The times when I’d click on a link on youtube to watch one video and then I’d click on another interesting video […]

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