Embracing What’s So

by Stacy Moscotti on October 19, 2016

Sometimes, you need to step away to find what truly is so.

To find out what truly is calling to you. What is holding you back.

Where you want to go. How to get there.

So I’ve been quiet here on the blog for a LONG time while I’ve been AFW (away from keyboard) healing, taking care of myself, and getting deadly serious about who I am and what I want out of my time here on earth.

I’ve been embracing what’s so.

What I’ve been up to in the last several months has been life altering for me.

I quit my job (again) and have gone full time into my own entrepreneurial ventures

Besides celebrating my fifth year as an associate with Isagenix, I launched a coaching business that basically came out of people saying “Stacy, you look like you’ve got your life together, can I hire you to teach me the same?”

To which I said yes.

I have been doing a TREMENDOUS amount of work with Landmark Worldwide, and the training and development there that I have received has completely transformed my life.

I stopped biting my nails after 30 years.

I got complete with a relationship from my past that was still impacting me in 2016.

I got complete with my first marriage.

I threw my ex-husband a birthday party the second year in a row.

I started taking karate lessons and have fallen in love with the sport. For the first time in 25 years, I consider myself an athlete.

I healed a lot of my relationships that weren’t working.

I restored integrity to almost every area of my life.

I completed a rigorous seven month leadership training that in which I confronted everything that wasn’t working about my life and put myself back together as someone who can listen for and reliably deliver that which makes a real difference in what people are dealing with and what they really care about and in the process leave them transformed with more power, freedom, full self-expression and peace of mind.

I threw a party for 250 LGBT people and allies in Dallas.

I threw a party for 600 LGBT people and allies in Las Vegas.

I discovered my two life’s works are IsaPride, the LGBT and ally group within my company that I am a co-founder of, and the single parent community, of which I’m committed to our healing, completion, and living a life we love, regardless of the circumstances.

I confronted a lot of things I had been avoiding, and the list of what’s left to confront grows every day.

I discovered the mountain has no top.

And most importantly, I found the love of my life.

And I found that the love of my life is myself. I’d been waiting to meet this Stacy for my entire life. The love I’ve been seeking so desperately was not in my child, nor my ex-boyfriend, or anyone I’ll meet and fall in love with. The love of my life is myself. I’m whole, perfect and complete.

So what’s so for me now is the following:

I’m a stand that everyone in the world gets to win. No exceptions.

I’m embracing that I am a single mom (part of me never wanted to accept that) and that I have a lot to contribute to my community of single parents. I want to be the interruption in that community and stop the hurt cycle I see repeating generation after generation. This is the generation of children that will no longer be impacted by the negative consequences of divorce. That’s the the work I want to do.

I’m launching an online training platform that has free and paid programming. I just launched my first product over at my online school – check it out here.

I’m ready to share what I’ve learned on the journey. I’m ready to be the miracle I am and own every part of me and my life. I’m ready to transform the planet and leave a legacy far beyond my time here and contribute, contribute, contribute.

I’m putting together trainings on co-parenting (my primary niche), emotional eating (my secondary niche), how to achieve anything you want in 2017, overcoming online overwhelm and being a victorious badass.

I commit to writing here more and sharing here more. Not sure how frequently yet, but all I’ll say is it’s good to be home with you.
Much love,


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