Expanding My Sandbox

by Stacy Moscotti on March 24, 2016



Just a quick programming note: Without intention, I had a post go viral last week and I maxed out my friends list on FB.

So I want to share where you can play with me in the Sandbox called Life, Social Media, and the internet.

My Website – in the process of transformation, much like the author. You already know about here because, well, you’re here.

Facebook Profile Page – you can come follow me and my settings are public so you won’t miss anything.

Facebook Fan Page – still pinching myself that I have a need for this. I commit to a LOT more content here because, well, that’s quickly becoming where to play.

Periscope – You WANT to be playing with me over here. So much fun. You get to see me live (or within the last 24 hours) sharing unscripted content about the journey and how to get to the top, because that’s where I’m going.

There’s also Twitter, and Instagram, and Youtube, etc. But the above three are where I play the most.

Looking forward to seeing you soon, my friends! xoxo, Stacy

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