How do you eat a $30,342.19 Elephant?

by Stacy Moscotti on March 24, 2016

[I posted this to my facebook wall this morning and felt inspired to share it here. If you’ve been following me at all over there on the Book of Face that this week, I boldly ripped off my inauthentic mask of financial aptitude and publicly shared my process of annihilating my credit card debt, of which I had no concrete idea of how much I collectively owed as of Monday, 3/21/16.

It’s been a journey of APRs, fees, minimum payments and a deep dirty dive of seeing what was so and what wasn’t so. And it’s been painful and uncomfortable and freeing and awesome. Here is my post:]

An update:

Starting Credit Card Debt: $30,342.19
Current Credit Card Debt after three days of tackling: $29,345.37

I’ve taken off $996.82 with just a couple days worth of work.

This is a mountain. And I know I’m not alone.

And there is a voice inside me that is screaming “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS ON FACEBOOK IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY???”

And I thank that voice for its contribution and I let it sit back down.

Why, voice? Because I’m committed to authentic conversations and authentic ways of being.

And to me, if I don’t share this right now, I’m being inauthentic. It’s been a burden around my neck and is the latest area of addiction I’m tackling in my life.

I’m doing this publicly because I stand for a world FREE OF DEBT and financial education and empowerment!

Because if I do this and show how it’s done, maybe someone else will be unafraid to tackle their credit card debt that they just avoid, avoid, avoid because of fear and consequences. And that takes away from aliveness.

There is nothing to be ashamed of. These aren’t bad decisions I made. These are just unworkable decisions I made for the past five years for what I want my life to be in the present state and my future.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE for your public suggestions and private messages. It has been very helpful indeed.

Living in the world of what you don’t know you don’t know has been EYE OPENING regarding my finances. Such breakthroughs happening. I knew about interest, but I had no idea HOW MUCH interest was being charged. Now I know to the cent.

Because really, I can never be a millionaire until I truly understand the laws that govern money.

Here’s what I give my word to:
I will be free of debt
I will be a millionaire within my company
I will do this all publicly to show the authentic journey.

It will take longer than I want but shorter than I fear.

Snap. The job’s a game. And the game is on.

And btw, the amount of mental peace is amazing. And I am able to hear things in a whole new way.


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