It’s been a long time…

by Stacy Moscotti on March 3, 2016

Why hello there, my old friend. Let me see if I can blow off some of the dust and see if this thing still works.

According to my calculations, it’s been 842 days since my last blog post. That might as well have been in the Jurassic Period in Internet time.

I thought about posting more times than I can count in those 842 days. I even wrote a blog post around the 500 (?) day mark – it’s around here somewhere –

So where did I go? I’ve been here the whole time really, but the journey AWAY from the blog has been far more interesting and life-changing. And I’m finally ready to come back here.

This isn’t about Network Marketing Skills anymore, although I’m still a Network Marketer.

No, my vision has become so much wider than just teaching Network Marketing.

Because as a 37 year old divorced single mom who never expected her life to circumstantially turn out this way, there’s no way to truly succeed in Network Marketing without doing the inner work.

That’s what I’ve been doing these past 842 days.

When I last wrote here in 2013. I was miserable. Life wasn’t working. I was frustrated. I went back to what I knew felt good which was theatre. I auditioned for two shows and surprisingly, I booked both of them. So in 2014, I starred in two dream shows – Evita and The King and I. During that time I hit a really high rank in my company – for one week – and thought that would solve all of my troubles.

It didn’t.

I thought quitting my job and going full time would make me happy.

It didn’t.

Towards the fall of 2014, my life truly began to breakdown. I lost my romantic relationship with the love of my life. I lost my closest friends. I lost my health. I lost my financial stability. And to cope with the humiliation of going back to the job I triumphantly quit as a sign of how wildly successful I was, I ate.

I gained about 20lbs in six weeks. Although I didn’t weigh myself, I could see from the photos on FB that I was gaining.

Finally, when 2015 rolled around, I followed my network marketing coach’s lead and was about to join a health challenge and post my before photos.

It was only that decision that led me to get on a scale and realize that I had gained all the weight back that I had lost using my health and wellness products.

I was hitting rock bottom in my previously undisclosed food addiction.

My best friend asked me to write her an email detailing everything going on with my finances and in that email, I finally broke. I broke down. I broke free. I wrote a confessional of my life. It felt so good to finally take the mask off and show where I was hurting.

It was probably the first moment of authenticity I had ever experienced.

I emailed my friend at 1:30am and I got a text back ten minutes later.

“Why, hello, Stacy’s soul. It’s good to see you again.”

And I just wept. I bawled. I realized in that moment I had lost complete touch with my soul.

The next day, I made a video on Facebook coming out as a food addict.

It felt so freeing just to tear down the heavy burden of inauthenticity I was living in.

I was petrified to be so vulnerable publicly, but I knew I had to do it. Not just for myself, but for the people out there who thought they were alone and struggling all on their own.

I thought people would be mad at me for being a fake. What happened instead was people messaged me by the dozens pouring their hearts out right back at me. There was such connection in those messages that I suddenly realized everything I wanted lived on the other side of authenticity.

It was a defining moment in my life.

Once I got in touch with my humanity and not needing to be publicly perfect anymore, I started attracting what I needed in my life.

I attracted an amazing personal development and training program that gave me the tools in three and a half days to transform my life in a tangible way. Things started to slingshot in March 2015.

I healed the relationship with my ex-husband. My relationship with my mother and my daughter became stronger than ever. Over the next 11 months, I came to realize through a TON of personal work how inauthentic I had been, that I had no idea who I really was, why I had been unable to maintain success, why I had been sabotaging everything in my life, and how to powerfully live the life I dream of.

In April 2015, I realized I had no self-love. I had never really loved myself. In that one moment, when I truly LOVED myself for the first time authentically, everything changed.

The rest of 2015 was spent on a personal journey of healing and self-understanding. I sought to heal all the brokenness in me and become aware of the brokenness that I had not even known was deep inside.

Healing the food addiction gave way to a realization that I also had a relationship/love addiction that was from a crushing and previously unknown fear of abandonment – I didn’t know how to be alone.

In January 2016, I was finally able to heal from my previous relationship and come to terms with my third addiction – spending and financial avoidance.

I also took on in 2016 to have this be my year of discomfort – I sought to be as uncomfortable as possible to cause breakthroughs outside of my comfort zone and truly get every I want out of life. It’s been working thus far :)

So here we are in March 2016 (barely two days in!), and I’m here writing after midnight because today was a day I committed to something crazy in my spirit. I am not at liberty to share it yet, but after sharing it with a friend of mine at coffee tonight, I said, “Maybe I should blog about it.”

Ding ding ding. Why don’t you use the blog you already have, Stacy?

So that brings us to this moment right now.

I am a woman transformed. A woman healing and healed. And I know that no success in Network Marketing is going to last unless you do the work on yourself. So that’s what I’m about now. I’m here to help you live a life you love, regardless of the circumstances. Every Single Day.

Yes, I believe network marketing is ABSOLUTELY part of that life and I will talk about that here, but I’m going to talk to you about so much more.

Because I live a life that is free. I consider myself a wizard who can conjure up anything I want in life.

And by asking the Universe to make this the year of discomfort, I got exactly what I asked for – the opportunity to grow in to the person I want to be, through taking on everything I want to with nothing held back.

Some of those opportunities and commitments I know are here – healthy body, $20k/month, throw the most amazing party in Las Vegas in August, complete an eight-month life-transforming course. There’s a couple other private, secret ones that are just for me for right now, and in time I will share them too.

For now, I just want to say welcome back. I’ve missed you. Thank you for giving me the space to be me, to fall apart, and for joining me for this far more awesome chapter of the journey. We have a lot of work to do in the five areas of health – mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and financial – that will bring you peace, freedom, and workability in your life. Get ready for this to be the best year of your life!

Love always,

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