A Heartfelt Letter

“May 10, 2012


This email is overdue in some respects, but as we crept closer to day 30, I decided to wait until that benchmark to communicate our experience. Be forewarned that this message may be a bit lengthy, but I really want to share with you our journey thus far.

Also, please keep us anonymous for now, but feel free to quote or use these stories as you press forward.

Isagenix has been unequivocally one of the greatest things we have done for ourselves, our relationship and our bodies. Doing this together provided us with amazing support and encouragement over the last month. We would highly recommend that no matter the health of either spouse, if one is committing to the program, the other should jump on board too. Having a partner to walk through this first 30 days with was of phenomenal benefit. And we’re starting another 30 tomorrow.

The mental part of this adventure is a large part of the change. Anyone who has wrestled with weight, food, cravings, control, identity… you are confronted with all of this as you embark on any drastic change. But for me, and I believe for lots of others, there comes a point when you must realize the stakes are too high – you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to implement lasting, significant change.

And if you’re looking for lasting, significant change, Isagenix works.

My wife tells of more energy, patience and focus – not to mention she has shed 11.6 pounds over the last 30 days!

I am feeling more honest and vulnerable about who I really am and being transparent about this struggle. It’s been forced on me as people have asked what I’m doing – because they’re noticing the change! I’m down 25.4 pounds. I haven’t been this weight in a long long time.

And I’m just getting started.

By the way, if any potential clients are making scheduling or other excuses, here are a few of the things we experienced over these first 30 days:


  • Day 2 – Dinner at my grandma’s, who cooks like Paula Dean
  • During the 1st 18 days, I was out of town for 14 of them.
  • A week of family vacation – where we did our first cleanse days: a 2 day cleanse!
  • An annual pilgrimage to a southern BBQ spot in Atlanta – who knew a few ribs could be just as good as an entire rack?
  • Lead a group to a conference via airplane: carry-on powder and blender ball shakers require a second look, but we made it through!
  • 2 birthday parties at our house for our sons
  • Countless lunch meetings and coffee appointments
  • Hosting several dinners and 1 lunch for 20 people

I’ve grocery shopped on cleanse days, washed my hands (instead of licking my fingers) after serving cake, and had my son test the macaroni to make sure it was done. In other words, if we were going to do this, we were going to do it all the way.

I did 3 double cleanse days – each time it was easier.

Did I have an occasional beer? Did my wife enjoy a small slice of cake? Sure. But we know that this is just step one in a lifestyle change. There’s no going back. We’re ready to do another 30 days, and I’ll probably continue after that.

Oh, and those results were with zero regular exercise – something I’m hoping to slowly add over the next month.

So, all that to say – thank you. Thanks for being honest with your own story and inspiring others to do the same. If there are any clients in particular that you come across that want to talk about the mental battle, being “fat” as part of who you are, couples taking the journey together, or anything else that I might be able to help them with, feel free to put them in touch with me.

There will be some questions about the maintenance side of the program soon and how to keep the results coming. For now, we’re pressing on and we’re looking forward to all that’s ahead.

Thanks again.

PS – My parents and siblings aren’t aware of my progress yet – I see them the first week of June – can’t wait for their surprise!”




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Greg Overholtzer August 16, 2013 at 1:56 pm

Wow, good stuff. Makes me think, that's for sure.