Client Testimonials

Just some of the results Stacy’s clients have received on her system:

  • Deborah T. released 7lbs her first 7 days.
  • Aimee K. released 10lbs her 30 days.
  • Suzy S. released 7lbs and 16 inches her first 9 days.
  • Pam M. released 24 inches her first 30 days.
  • Sharon M. released 30lbs her first 60 days.
  • Andrea D. released 11lbs her first month and noticed her cravings for unhealthy things substantially reduced as well as feeling great, having better sleep and better energy.
  • Christine L. released 15lbs her first 3 weeks.
  • Alexis P. released 7lbs her first 7 days
  • Christopher V. released 28lbs in 27 days.
  • Nancy F. released 10lbs her first 30 days.
  • Mark S. released 17lbs his firs 22 days. 
  • Steve E. released 30lbs in his first two months.
  • Andrea F. released 13.5lbs. her first 30 days.
  • Julienne B. released albs her first two days. 

“Day 2 of cleanse. As of this morning, 17lbs in 2 weeks! Thanks for making me look good! I may need to set a new goal as mine was 20 pounds. Guess I’ll see if I can break 220. Will be very happy at sub 225…

Update (10 days later): 221.9, 25lbs total. 25lbs in 22 days. Fitting into al of my old 36 jeans with ease!

Update (3 days later): Hey! Did you hear that loud boom this morning? yeah, don’t worry though, it was just me Blowing Up 220!!!!! This morning I was actually 218.7!!”
– Chris V.

“Does Isagenix offer reimbursement for clothes that no longer fit on account of weight loss? :) I’ve lost 4 pounds since Sunday, and the only change I’ve made is that I’m eating MORE! Go figure!!!!!”
– Christine L.

“The results are in! After 11 days on the Isagenix 9-day deep cleanse program, I have lost 8.5 lbs and 12.5″ off my body! Woo HOO!!!!!”
– Kelly M.

“Going well! Lost 10lbs in month 1, and already down clothing sizes. All around pretty happy with everything.”
– Nancy F.

“Hey you. So you probably figured out that I wasn’t able to maintain the discipline to keep going with the cleanse at the beginning of last month. I was ashamed of myself. As a personal test, I tried again, starting last Thursday. I surprised myself this time, making through until today. Low cal lunch, shakes and fruit only for the past 8 days. What a difference. No lie, coach, down 12 pounds (at least). That was with lite exercise. I have added vigorous bicycling to my routine. And I have more energy all around.”
– Pat W.

“Week 1 done! My first cleanse day was much better than I thought it would be. So far I am down 7lbs and 15.5 inches.”
– Alexis P.

“So this morning I went to put on the pants I wore last Saturday. Last Saturday they were slightly uncomfortable feeling snug on the thighs and waist. Today I put them on and they were loose. I actually pulled them off again without unbuttoning them! Last night I had to go up and down the stairs three times in a few minutes. Usually I would be breathing hard and have difficulty talking for a few minutes, but last night no problem. We started two shakes and sensible meal per day on Tuesday.

So I came downstairs this morning and felt encouraged to check my weight. Four Days on the program and lost 10 1/2 pounds!! Not only that but I don’t feel like a fifty year old. I feel like a thirty year old in energy AND outlook. I actually feel like the clock rolled back twenty years. WTF is in this stuff??!!

Anyhow things are going good, Patti dropped 6 1/2 so far and is very happy. If things continue like this will be spending on new clothes!”
– Jim A.

“hi stacy! just had to send you a little note of thanks. i’m feeling so good on isagenix. i feel better about me and where i’m going. the inches are dropping, yes, but it’s all the “didn’t know i’d feel like THAT” stuff that is just the tops. i’m inspired. that has to be the word. or is it determined? heck, both! i feel both. i have a dream of freedom and fun that i will begin working toward … not just thinking about.. but doing something about. i bought books about entrepreneurship, i’ve assessed my skills and joys, and i am going to put a plan into action. geez! i even just signed up for a zipline adventure!!! me!!! scared of heights andrea is going to zipline! it’s funny… as i’m getting smaller, life is getting bigger thanks again for the faith, the push, and the motivation. you, m’dear, rock!”
– Andrea F. 

“When Stacy started talking to me about Isagenix, I was reluctant to come on board. I have always been able to keep myself in good shape just by being active. If I gained a little weight, no big deal – a week or two of exercise and it would be gone. I’ve never been big on diets or supplements. That being said, I am not quite as young as I used to be, and my metabolism has slowed a bit. I stepped on the scale recently and was unhappy to see that I was much heavier than I had ever been before. I called Stacy and decided to get started on Isagenix. Two days later, I have already dropped over four pounds! I have also cut back from several pots of coffee a day to only a couple of cups. This stuff works!

(Six days later) Quick Isagenix update: Keep in mind that I wasn’t in bad shape before starting this program. I was 200 pounds, and my normal, healthy weight is 180-185. I’m eight days in, and only started exercising today. I’m also down ten pounds! People at work have noticed the difference, and I feel great! Thanks, Stacy. I owe you one.”
– Mark S. 

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